We work to fight corporate power, with a focus on breaking up monopolies and bringing them under democratic control.

Corporations have used their wealth to capture regulatory agencies, evade responsibilities to employees and our society, and undermine our freedoms. We work to take back power for the people by challenging corporations, breaking up monopolies, and pushing the government to reassert its obligation to regulate the private sector in the public interest.

How we've been fighting:

Special Projects

When the moment or issue demands it, we dive in on longer-term projects, leveraging our staff and resources to win big victories in the fight for transparency, equity and justice.

Freedom from Facebook and Google

Demand Progress is a co-founder of Freedom From Facebook and Google, a coalition mobilized to get federal regulators and Congress to break up these tech giants, regulate them to keep us safe, and hold them accountable for their wrongdoing.


Demand Progress is a co-founder of the Athena coalition, a broad coalition formed to protect our democracy, our communities, and our economy from Amazon’s unaccountable power. Together we work to push Congress and federal regulators to act against Amazon’s grip on our society and economy and protect workers’ rights and civil rights.